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Traditional woodcarving as Physical /Real world NFTs

It started with me trying to make my Family understand blockchain and NFT and realizing showing results would be the best way to convince them.

My family has been making traditional woodcarving for more than 2 centuries, but the problem is tracing back the names of the creators and the legacy left by our elders and ancestors had always been a problem as they had shipped artifacts to temples and people all over the world. What our ancestors made became antiques that cannot be traced back to their makers.

Time has changed and it's time to make the change. Ever since learning about NFTs and how they can be associated with a Utility. The utility here would be Real-world utilities and preservation of culture, heritage, tracing back the and the skills passed down by our ancestors. There are less than a hand full of master craftsmen left now and I'm kinda lucky to have accidentally been born in a family that had been practicing this to date.

I initially started my NFT journey by applying Prisma effects on pictures of artifacts made @WM (designed by K.R Srinivasan) and adding the name of the craftsmen and the designer of the artifact(2 to 3 people are involved in making one artifact) when minting it on the blockchain because the craft we practice is almost dead and the 3rd parties who buy from us and resell it want to keep it a low key to increase demand as the style followed by us are totally different from other wood carving styles of Tamil Nadu eg: Kallakurichi, Thammambatti, and other hobby craftsmen.

I thought that the pictures minted on the blockchain would act as made-to-order tokens, back then I did not understand that I had to build a community that also serves as proof of our existence as real people doing real business from Tamil Nadu Southern part of India.

At WM we recently minted a Traditional artifact as an NFT on the Blockchain, it has unlockable content where the buyer can share his contact details to claim a One time Physical NFT but it has not been listed for sales yet as there are real-world problems like shipping costs and tax differs from county to country and we also want to make sure the buyer does not burn or destroy the artifact to immortalize it on blockchain and imaging if someone buys the Nft and claims the physical Nft as well now if he wants to relist the product would he sell the physical and digital copy seperately or worst case senario he promises to give the buyer the physical nft but does not do it. Got to figure out if there are ways to solve this trough smart contracts.

Hence we have always been a Made to order company from Tamil Nadu we are aiming to build a small community across the globe and we are taking baby steps towards the goal.

Check out our link tree to view our gallary :

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Lenin Rajaram

Clan Wooden Mantra

Love Peace and Understanding

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